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- Work is delivered by mail, 1 month after the photo shoot
- All photographs are delivered in high resolution and with post-production. 
- Payment is made in two tranches, 50% to book the date (non-refundable) and 50% on the same day of the photo shoot. 
- The price is calculated for photo shoots in Lisbon. If you want to do your photo shoot somewhere else, send me an email to add travel costs to the budget. 
- The best timing to do the photo shoots is 1 to 3 hours before the sunset. Light at this time of the day is best suited and photographs will be more beautiful. 
- The best timing to do a pregnancy photo shoot is around 30 to 34 weeks. This obviously depends on the pregnancy. But at this point the belly is usually prominent and beautiful and the mother is not tired and uncomfortable.
- There are gift vouchers available, with the same value of the sessions. Vouchers have a 6 months expiration date and are paid in full when purchased. 
- You can add an album to any photo shoot. 
- It is not possible to change clothes during the session, except during the baby photo shoot (only two changes). 
- If you do not wish to authorize the publication of the photographs in portfolio, let me know by e-mail. If you do not send me an e-mail, I’ll assume you authorize the publication. 


Please contact me for more information:
00351 965 884 653